The Rising Real Estate Group is a privately held real estate investment company based in downtown Los Angeles, California.
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Hamilton Capital Partners Fund II, L.P.

Hamilton Capital Partners Fund II, L.P.
(“HCP Fund II”) is a newly formed private commercial real estate opportunity investment fund.  The general partner of HCP Fund II is Hamilton Capital Partners, LLC (“HCP”), a real estate advisory management firm headquartered in Los Angeles. The HCP team includes executives and support personnel from Barker Pacific Group (www.barkerpacific.com) and The Rising Real Estate Group (www.the-rising-group.com). HCP Fund II’s objective is to provide superior risk-adjusted rates of return to its investors. HCP believes that the best way to ensure an above-market rate of return is to invest in “value-add” opportunities according to the fundamental principles of real estate economics. By assembling and managing a balanced portfolio of value-based commercial real estate, HCP is able to consistently offer its investor partners superior rates of return on their investments.
HCP Fund II has been formed after the recent success of Hamilton Capital Partners Fund 2002 (“HCP Fund I”). HCP Fund I invested in four projects: the Chamber Building in San Diego, the Kaiser Foundation Building in Milpitas, CA, the Citizens Business Bank Building in Pasadena, and 626 Wilshire Boulevard in downtown Los Angeles. As of February 2005, HCP Fund I sold the Kaiser Foundation Building for a 137% internal rate of return (“IRR”) and 626 Wilshire Boulevard for a 108% IRR.
The HCP Fund II Investment Committee has extensive experience in all aspects of commercial real estate investment and management. The Investment Committee is chaired by Joel Stoesser and includes Michael Barker, Richard Johnson, Victor Indiek and Christopher Rising. Mr. Stoesser previously served as the Managing Director and Head of Investment Advisory Services for Prudential Real Estate Investors, a portfolio over $15 billion. Mr. Barker founded Barker Pacific Group in 1983 after a decade working with Hines. Mr. Johnson, who serves as Chief Financial Officer of HCP, has been with Barker Pacific Group for over two decades. Mr. Indiek was a founder and Chief Financial Officer and later was appointed President of freddie mac. Mr. Rising is a former real estate attorney who formerly served in the Office of the President of Cushman Realty Corporation and now is President of The Rising Real Estate Group, a real estate brokerage firm.

Philosophy and Trademarks

HCP’s business is based on a commitment of financial integrity and investor satisfaction, complemented by an entrepreneurial culture. HCP has consistently sought to exploit situations where limited competition increases the likelihood of achieving above average, risk-adjusted returns. In many transactions, real estate, financial, legal and operating complexities have impeded other investors, thereby minimizing competitive pressures. The tenacity demonstrated in pursuing structurally and situational complex transactions and the ability to develop creative financial and operating solutions distinguish HCP from the competition.

HCP’s strategy is to focus on opportunities that present one or more of the following characteristics:

• An out-of-favor asset due to age, condition or size;
• An asset which presents a repositioning opportunity in its market;
• An asset which presents entitlement or development opportunities for value enhancement;
• An opportunity for aggressively leasing and/or managing the asset;
• A motivated or distressed seller; or
• A quality asset priced below replacement cost.
“Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that real estate markets are consistently transitioning and therefore constantly provide opportunities for attractively priced acquisitions – even in top tier markets or strong second tier markets.”
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